CV: Dr Jeni Tennison June 10 2008 Dr Jenifer Tennison Jeni
Surrey United Kingdom
44 (0)208 224 0520 44 (0)7974 420 482
Personal Information

I am currently working freelance, and am particularly interested in part time or consultancy work in which I can apply my skills and interest in web-based technologies, particularly XML, XSLT and XML Schemas, and preferably take advantage of my academic background in knowledge management and the Semantic Web. I particularly enjoy the challenge of expanding my knowledge and abilities to meet the demands of individual projects. I like technical writing, tutoring, and working closely with customers to identify and satisfy their requirements,.

Employment October 2000 Jeni Tennison Consulting Ltd Director
  • XML+XSLT application design and development
  • Linked Data and Semantic Web application design and development
  • Technical authoring
  • Tutoring and mentoring in XML, XSLT and XML Schemas
  • Training course development and delivery in:
    • XSLT 1.0 and 2.0
    • XML Schemas
    • Data modelling
    • XML Application Development
1998 October 2000 Epistemics Ltd Senior Knowledge Engineer and Security Controller
  • Knowledge acquisition, modelling and documentation
  • Project and team management
  • Research and development in knowledge engineering
1996 1998 IT Consultant
  • Consultant on electronic conferences (Virtual Environments International, Oxford)
  • Website design and HTML authoring (Dept. of Computer Science, Nottingham)
1994 1998 University of Nottingham Graduate Teaching Assistant
  • Training undergraduates and staff in HTML, expert systems, information technology and multivariate statistics
  • Design, development and coordination of departmental website
1992 1993 Recruitment & Assessment Services Student Psychologist
  • Computer-based aptitude test administration, scoring, interpretation and evaluation
  • Design, development and coordination of departmental website
Education 1994 1999 University of Nottingham PhD in Psychology/Artificial Intelligence
  • Thesis title: "Living Ontologies: Collaborative Knowledge Structuring on the Internet"
  • Research on web communities and knowledge engineering, including the development of a MOO-based HTTP server that formed the basis of a collaborative knowledge server
1990 1994 University of Nottingham BSc (Hons) Psychology (First Class)
  • Focussing on artificial intelligence (expert systems, neural networks & theories of cognition) and human-computer interface design & evaluation
1990 1994 University of Nottingham Diploma in Applied Psychology
  • Occupational psychology, particularly selection & recruitment
1986 1990 The Netherhall School
  • A Levels in Chemistry, Physics, Maths, Further Maths and English
  • 8 GCSEs; 1 O Level
Skills Web-oriented skills
  • XML, XSLT, XML Schema & other XML-related standards
  • RDF, RDFa, OWL & other Semantic-Web-related standards
  • HTML and XHTML
  • CSS and XSL-FO
  • Atom and APP
  • RESTful web application design and development
  • Ruby on Rails
Programming skills
  • XSLT 1.0 and 2.0
  • ECMAScript, JavaScript, JScript, VBScript
  • Ruby
  • Java
Instructional skills
  • providing programming training
  • leading workshops
  • providing software training
  • technical writing
Knowledge-oriented skills
  • knowledge management
  • CommonKADS
  • knowledge-acquisition techniques (structured interviews, repertory grids, card sorts, laddering, 20 questions, protocol analysis)
  • knowledge modelling
  • knowledge-based system development and implementation
Project-management skills
  • customer liaison & presentation
  • team working
  • "Beginning XSLT 2.0" (July 2005)
  • Chapter on XSLT Best Practice in "XML Design Handbook" by Scott Bonneau et al. (March 2003)
  • Appendix on XPath in "SQL Server 2000 XML Distilled" by Kevin Williams et al. (October 2002)
  • "Beginning XSLT" (May 2002)
  • "XSLT & XPath On The Edge, Unlimited Edition"; see the book's website for more material (September 2001)
  • Chapter on XSLT and XML Schema in "Professional XML Schemas" by Jon Duckett et al. (July 2001)
  • Appendix on Muenchian Grouping in "XSLT and XPATH: A Guide to XML Transformations" by John Robert Gardner and Zarella L. Rendon (July 2001)
  • Description of XSLTDoc in "Professional XSL" by Kurt Cagle et al. (June 2001)
  • Presented at XTech 2008 on SemWebbing the London Gazette
  • Presented at XTech 2007 on Creole: Validating Overlapping Markup
  • Presented at Extreme Markup Languages 2006 on Datatypes for XML: the Datatyping Library Language (DTLL)
  • Invited Expert on W3C's XML Processing WG
  • Presented at XTech 2005 on Managing Complex Document Generation Through Pipelining
  • Presented at XML Open 2004 on Datatypes in XML
  • Presented at Extreme Markup Languages 2003 on Typing in transformations
  • Presented at XML Europe 2003 on What's New in XSLT 2.0
  • Invited Expert on W3C's XSL WG
  • Presented at Extreme Markup Languages 2002 on automated comparisons of markup languages and on the Layered Markup and Annotation Language (LMNL)
  • Voted ActiveState's 2002 Activator's Choice Programmer of the Year for XSLT
  • Invited to speak at XSLT UK '01 on XSLT Design Patterns
  • Regular contributor on XSL-List and xmlschema-dev
  • Presented at Ergonomics Society Conference 2000 on knowledge-based system design, development and implementation
  • Presented at KAW'98 on knowledge servers
  • Led workshop at WWW'96 on electronic conferences

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